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2018 Research Review Exercise reminder

05 Jan 2018

The University’s 2018 Research Review Exercise is open until midnight on Wednesday 31 January

The Research Review Exercise (RRE) is an annual mandatory exercise for all REF-eligible staff. This year, the exercise will include all staff on the University payroll as of 1 December 2017 who are independent researchers in REF2014 terms. This means the following staff are not included:

  • Staff with explicit teaching-focused or teaching and scholarship contracts
  • Research assistants and research associates

The RRE updates our records of research outputs (publications), impact and other research activities. It involves peer review of outputs, providing grades and feedback for the quality of key individual research outputs. The RRE is one element of our research strategy to help raise the quality of research across the University, to improve the quality of internal management information and to enable us to ppare our submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021).

What do I need to do?

There are two main components to RRE 2018:

  • Updating your output selection to propose all outputs published since 1 January 2014 that you believe are likely to be judged internationally excellent (3*) or world-leading (4*)
  • Updating your profile with your research activities and examples of impact arising from your research for the period January 2014 onwards.

Propose outputs

Please log into Pure and use the RRE tab to update your output selection by proposing all of the outputs that you believe are likely to be judged internationally excellent (3*) or world-leading (4*). You can now submit as many sole and multi-authored outputs that you have. We expect that most individuals will have fewer than six new outputs to submit. Some staff may not have any new outputs published since the last RRE to propose for review, and in these cases are simply checking their output record. In exceptional cases we may not review every output submitted by an individual.

Update your activities and impact

Please update your ‘Activities’ and any ‘Impacts’ within PURE (please see further guidance). This information is incredibly valuable for the university and we particularly appreciate your time spent recording this. You can also choose to make this information public on your external web profile. It is recognised that some staff will have little or nothing to report in these areas, depending on the focus and stage of their research. 

For more information, how-to guides and FAQs, please visit the RRE webpages on StaffNet:

  • For support about Pure more generally including updating your research profile, visit the Pure webpages on StaffNet
  • Complete the RRE: log into Pure with your normal University username and password: Pure
  • If you have any questions about the RRE, please contact your relevant School contact