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Extended student access to Blackboard

08 Sep 2017

Student access is now live

What’s happening

Students are now able to access their past years’ Blackboard module sites. A new Courses List module has also been released that filters Blackboard courses into current and previous years courses for both students and staff.

Why is this happening?

In June 2017 the Online Learning Strategy Group decided to bring this change in student access to course materials to improve and enhance students’ learning experience. See previous communications:

Who will be affected?

All students and course leaders of modules that ran during the last five academic years.

What do you need to do?

Course leaders of modules that ran during the last five academic years may want to access their own sites and, where appropriate, alter the visibility or settings of items such as online tests, discussion boards, model answers, or feedback on assessments, especially where the new extended access to Bb sites may facilitate unintended sharing of course or assessment materials between student cohorts.

Guidance and Further information

For further information or support please contact your eLearning team: