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Bus gates on Oxford Road now fully operational

05 Sep 2017

Motorists are reminded that Oxford Road’s bus gates are fully operational from Monday, 4 September

Oxford Road

Sections of the road will only be accessible to buses, black cabs and cyclists from 6am to 9pm every day.

As of Monday, drivers who enter the bus gate areas of Oxford Road during the prohibited hours could be fined up to £90.

Cameras were installed months ago to police the bus lanes as part of TfGM's Bus Priority scheme. However, until now a grace period has meant motorists were not fined for entering the restricted areas.

The bus gates are marked with standard ‘no motor vehicles’ signs – a red circle, with a motorbike above a car inside.

Bus gates locations:

  • Northbound: one between Hathersage Road and Grosvenor Street and a second between Whitworth Street and Portland Street
  • Southbound: between Charles Street and Hathersage Road. Within this section there is an accessible southbound service loop between Dover Street and Nelson Street for access only

More information can be found at: