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Be aware of phishing scams targeting payroll

01 Mar 2017

We’ve recently been informed that a number of staff at other universities have received emails sent by scammers, who use actions by the recipients to access their bank details

Illustration of two scale model fishermen on a laptop

The scammers send the user an email apparently from their employer’s HR department, saying they are due a pay rise. The email contains a link asking the user to verify their bank details and university login details. Once the unwitting victim confirms them, they’ve been scammed.

Please note that the University of Manchester will never contact you by email to ask you to verify your bank details. Please email HR Services if you receive an email like this.

You can amend your bank details in MyView, links to which can only be found in our StaffNet pages. Alternatively you can complete a Bank Nomination form which must be presented to HR Services together with a specified form of identification. Please contact HR Services for details of relevant forms of identification.

If you believe that you may have responded to a phishing email, please contact your bank immediately. If you also provided your University IT account username and password, you must change these immediately too.

To help you spot so-called ‘phishing’ attempts, please complete IT Services' online phishing awareness course