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Keep safe on Oxford Road: don’t have a senseless accident!

23 Feb 2017

With the construction work on Oxford Road now largely completed south of Booth Street, there has been a significant increase in the number of cyclists using Oxford Road

Whilst this is obviously a very good thing for the environment, there is concern that this change has resulted in a number of near misses between cyclists and pedestrians.

Cyclists have been seen travelling at high speeds through red lights on pelican crossings and across the zebra crossings on cycle lanes behind bus stops while pedestrians are crossing the road.

It has also been difficult to see some cyclists as they have not had lights on their bicycles and have been wearing dark clothing.

For their part, pedestrians who cross the road away from designated crossing points are failing to notice or give way to cyclists legitimately using the cycle lanes.

If serious accidents are to be avoided on Oxford Road, each group of road users must be aware of the existence of others. The following tips will help each group stay safe:

Cycle safely

  • Keep your speed down to under 20 mph.
  • Give way to pedestrians using the zebra crossings on the Dutch-style cycle lanes.
  • Stop at pelican crossings as soon as the lights turn to red.
  • Ensure you use bicycle lights when cycling between sunset and sunrise.
  • Wear light or reflective clothing.
  • Watch out for pedestrians walking across the road at non-designated crossing points.
  • Never cycle the wrong way down the cycle lane or along the pavement.

Walk safely

  • Where possible, cross the road at the pelican crossings/zebra crossings.
  • If you do cross the road away from a designated crossing, be aware of and give way to cyclists in the cycle lanes – they have right of way.
  • Do not use the cycle lanes as additional pavement.
  • Don’t be a mobile zombie – look ahead, not at your phone!

Further information

For information on all things cycling, including training, visit:

  • UMBUG (University of Manchester Bicycle Users’ Group)