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Cyber and you – a true story: come hear it at our event

03 May 2017

Our University's Cyber Security Programme invites you to come and hear from the experts.

Come fly with us on your cyber journey

Do you feel cyber safe?

A number of recent news stories have highlighted cases of criminals using email hacking and ransomware to access accounts belonging to Hilary Clinton and David Beckham. Data breaches from companies such as Talk-Talk, Yahoo and ABTA have also put a spotlight on the increased threat of identity theft.

But this is not just something that can happen to celebrities or big companies – cyber criminals can target any one of us.

Come along and hear local experts from the Greater Manchester Police Cyber Crime Team, TITAN the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit and our own colleague Dr Daniel Dresner, sharing their insights into the underworld of cybercrime, its victims and first hand advice on staying safe.

You will also hear about our University’s Cyber Security Programme and the changes being made to how we log in to some services, to keep our key systems secure from cyber criminals.

Event dates:

  • Tuesday 16 May and Tuesday 4 July - featuring Dr Daniel Dresner (University of Manchester)
  • Tuesday 23 May, Wednesday 14 June, Tuesday 20 June and Monday 26 June - featuring Paul Taylor (Greater Manchester Police)
  • Monday 5 June - featuring Helen Williams (TITAN)

All events are being held across lunchtimes at various venues around the campus. See more details and book your place.

More about our event speakers

Daniel Dresner – The University of Manchester

Dr Daniel Dresner is the University’s academic coordinator for cyber security. Daniel works to improve the interaction between people and technology and mend the often broken threads that bind information together. Danny will share his view of cybercrime in the higher education sector.

Paul J Taylor – Greater Manchester Police

Paul Taylor is an investigator working in the Greater Manchester Police Cyber Crime Team. Paul has investigated a number of denial of service attacks, website hacking and ransomware reports and will share real life experiences of cyber crime victims and the tales told by those arrested.

Helen Williams – TITAN North West Regional Organised Crime Unit

Helen Williams is a cyber-protect officer at TITAN working with businesses, education and the general public to raise awareness of potential online dangers. Helen will talk about how criminals are tracked down and the forensic investigation along with simple steps to avoid becoming the next victim.