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Further Education and Higher Education (FE/HE) Funding Scheme

The University is committed to providing staff with both the training necessary to perform their current work effectively; and opportunities to develop further skills to support future duties and career development.

Further Education (FE) Funding Scheme

Typically this scheme will apply to staff undertaking qualifications such as GCSEs, vocationally based A levels, professional qualifications and vocationally oriented degrees. The conditions of funding are available to download and are included within the application process. 

If you have already completed a paper application, or completed the form electronically, this can still be returned to us at

If you are completing the application on or after 1st August 2017 you will need to use the new online forms. 

As an applicant you will need to complete the FE/HE Scheme Application Form and ask your line manager to complete the FE/HE Scheme Manager Support Declaration Form. Please use the links below and follow the instructions to access the forms. 

Access the FE/HE Scheme Application Form (Online)

Access the FE/HE Scheme Manager Support Declaration Form (Online)

FE/HE conditions of funding 

You must fill in an FE/HE Scheme application form for each year of funding requested.  Please note that we cannot guarantee to meet the costs of your course if you do not list all costs on your application.  Please also ensure that all appropriate exam results are forwarded to us with your application.

If you are studying with the University of Manchester please contact Student Services  for further information.  A Tuition Fee Administration and Policies document is available from the Student Services Centre. 

External Training (ET) Funding Scheme

This scheme exists to support staff attending specific job related training and meeting development needs that cannot be met from within the University. The scheme will particularly apply to those who may be required to undertake specialist skills updating in areas such as:  operating new equipment; carrying out new scientific/technical techniques; Health & Safety training; and other technical training.

Please note that applications to attend Academic Conferences will not be supported under this scheme.

Please see the conditions of funding below for full details:

Further Information

If you have general questions relating to the FE/HE or ET funding schemes, or the status of your application please contact Staff Learning & Development