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Change management

This section includes information and tools that can be used to the successful implementation of change management to help transition individuals, teams or the whole institution.

Change management toolkit

The following toolkit will help you to successfully plan and implement large-scale organisational change.  The toolkit is broken down into four steps which follow the suggested change management methodology.

Change management models


The change curve  Understanding the change curve

Kurt Lewin's change management  Understanding the three stages of change

The Change Equation model  Change equation based on Beckhard and Harris's change model

Burke-Litwin change model  The performance and change model

McKinsey 7S framework  Tool to diagnose and solve organisational problems

ADKAR Model  Five stage model to implementing change

CI  Continuous Improvement for Ongoing Change

Kotter's 8-step change model  Eight-step model for successful change

Other external resources


Negotiation and influencing Tips on negotiating and influencing stakeholder

Change leader Essentials skills of a change leader

Communicating with impact Tips for communicating with impact

Difficult conversations Difficult conversations: common mistakes

Communication barriers Overcoming communication barriers

Networking Tips for successful networking

Resistance to change Overcoming resistance to change

Psychological transitition Bridges and Mitchell: the psychological transition

Resilience Top tips for developing resilience to change