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Paying for your pensions

For your first 3 months of starting employment at the University, your membership will be funded by contribution deductions from your salary.  After 3 months, members of USS and UMSS can participate in PensionChoice, a salary exchange scheme that will result in an increase in  take home pay by reducing National Insurance contributions. Please note that participation in PensionChoice is automatic after 3 months unless you opt out of Pension Choice.

Further information

Please read our PensionChoice Guide.

You can also download our FAQs that will help to answer all those questions you may have about participating in PensionChoice.

You can use the modeller to see the National Insurance savings you could make from using PensionChoice.

Important documents

If you have previously chosen not to participate in PensionChoice, you can opt-in to PensionChoice by completing an opt-in form using the links below:

PensionChoice opt-in form UMSS 2016

PensionChoice opt-in form USS 2016

If you wish to opt-out of PensionChoice please complete an opt-out form using the links below:

PensionChoice opt-out form UMSS 2016

PensionChoice opt-out form USS 2016

Update for USS members

PensionChoice is our salary sacrifice scheme.  If you choose to take the match, you will pay this under PensionChoice if you pay your ordinary 8% contribution this way.  If you elect to pay additional contributions above the match, to pay these via PensionChoice, please ensure you tick the box ‘Do you wish these contributions to be made by salary sacrifice?’ in My USS.

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