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Contact us

Where we are

Address: Room G.029 
John Owens Building 
University of Manchester 
Oxford Rd 
M13 9PL

Building 48 on campus map (opens in a new window)

Phone: 0161 275 2043 (internal: 52043)


Our Team

Head of Pensions

Heather Mawson 52043

USS, NHSPS and GMPF Senior Pensions Assistant

Helen Scott 52031

UMSS Senior Pensions Assistant

Andy Taylor 57522

UMSS Pensions Administrator

Karen Wright 52093

UMSS Pensions Administrator

Tracy Kaar 62573

UMSS Pensions Assistant

Simon Ogden 53245

USS Pensions Administrator

David Eaton 58874

USS Pensions Assistant

Alice Smart 52454

Clerical Assistant

Anna Burns 52043