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Childcare vouchers

Save money on your childcare costs

What are childcare vouchers

You can save hundreds of pounds every year by using childcare vouchers, with extra savings if both parents choose to receive the vouchers. The scheme works through salary exchange (sometimes called salary sacrifice), which means parents can opt to receive childcare vouchers instead of part of their salary. Unlike your salary, you don't have to pay any tax or National Insurance on childcare vouchers.  This means that you only pay tax and NI on your salary after the childcare vouchers have been deducted so this means you pay tax on a smaller amount of money.  This saving in tax and NI is typically worth around £900 a year for basic-rate taxpayers, so families with two working parents who opt to take childcare vouchers could save around £1,800 a year. Your savings will depend on the amount you earn and the amount of tax you currently pay.

The University provides you with access to the KiddiVouchers childcare voucher scheme.  

More about our scheme

How can I save money by using the KiddiVoucher's scheme?

Your savings will depend on the amount of childcare vouchers you order and the amount of tax and National Insurance you normally pay.  Childcare voucher legislation changed in April 2011, so your savings will also depend on whether you joined the University’s childcare voucher scheme before or after this date. Use the KiddiVouchers savings calculator to know exactly how much you will save.

What can childcare vouchers be used for?

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for many kinds of childcare, including: nurseries, playgroups and pre-school; registered childminders; after-school clubs and breakfast clubs; holiday play schemes and nannies and au-pairs.

What are the scheme rules?

Please visit the KiddiVoucher's link for the full scheme rules (as at 5 April 2015). 

How to sign up

Register online at or by phoning 0800 612 9015.  This should take you no more than 10 minutes.  To register you'll need:

  1. To quote our scheme number: S439777W
  2. Provide your National Insurance number
  3. Provide your payroll reference number (this can be found next to your name on your payslip)
  4. Your childcare provider's contact details

More information

Independent advice on childcare costs is available via:

If you need further information not listed above, please contact HR Services at:

Contact information

If you need further information not listed above, please contact HR Services at: