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Web and Social Media


Our website is our most important communications tool and the first point of contact for all of our prospective audiences, so we need to ensure a compelling and meaningful first impression.

The web guidelines are intended to assist with the development of University websites. They set out the basic header and footer requirements for all sites, and provide specifications for fonts, colours and in-page content and navigational elements.

When writing for the Web, you will find it useful to understand the tactics that can be used to ensure relevant information on your website can be found by users easily via search engines by following our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) copywriting guidelines. If you'd like further advice, contact us.

Social media

If you create a social media account on behalf of the University, make sure it reflects the University brand. Our social media guidelines will help you adopt our visual identity in the main social networks and please get in touch if you require further advice.

You can access social media channels across the University via the social media directory.


The Division of Communications and Marketing maintains the University Events website which promotes events organised by Faculties/Schools, institutions and other departments. Columba is the system used to collect and display event data on the Events website. Data from Columba can also be used on other University-related websites. Access to the Columba system is regulated by Columba 'champions' found across the University. For more information contact